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List This! > Reasons why being an associate sucks.

Reasons why being an associate sucks.
Started By : bestinthebiz
01-26-2006 10:14 AM

The partner you work for tells you he must review the document before you send it out. You give the document to him a week before the filing deadline, but he waits until 2 hours before the filing deadline to look at it. Later that day, you receive an email telling you to be more attentive to deadlines because "we" cut this one too close.
You are responsible for meeting your billable hours, but the partners are hogging all the work.
Down added by cybele
The partner you have the ONLY outstanding assignment (as you have been pulling doubles all week to be home on time xmas eve) on xmas eve makes you sit around for hourswaiting for him to sign off your work, only to call you in at 7 pm to discuss the niceties of the clients standard form contract for 3 hrs! while your xmas guests will be served the black thing lurking at the bottom of the fridge (which once was a carrot) for xmas!
Down added by Crevette
One of your assignments involves the Talkeetna, Alaska Moose Dropping Festival. Kind of ironic, isn't it?
Down added by lawgal
The partner you work for fires you just because you called him a whacked out, bilpolar hermaphrodite, even though you gave him an assignment a whole week early! Where's the justice???????
Your learn that the classmate who got 20k more billed less hours than you did
Down added by Quorky
You find out that even though you got great reviews from parnters you work for you got 20k less than your classmate who work for more powerful partner
The partner who just gave you an assignment (on top of the other ones you already have from other partners) keeps alternately asking when you're going to be done with it and
Down added by A1Princess60
You hunt all over the office for a file the partner is asking for while it is in his office!
Down added by wickedangel
Down added by rbrown
You have to take the blame for missing files that are in the Partner's 3rd briefcase.
Down added by BCLegalEagle
Your supervising attorney berates the law school you attended; while he went to the one with the Pass/Fail grading system.
You get all the most boring and suckiest assignments!
Down added by wickedangel
The most satisfaction you get at the office is from posting something witty on judged.com
Down added by bakerstreet
You are the last to leave and the first to be let go.
Down added by rbrown
You cannot (or should not) tell partners how you feel about their writing skills or savoir-faire.
Your recommended role models are single and/or childless mothers and men with big trials and three spectacularly unsuccessful marriages and children under their belt.
Document review, which is not even close to the worst assignment that an associate can get.
#4 (revised) You give your secretary a job to do and she laughs and hacks in your face and says yeah I'll do it...after I smoke this entire pack of cigarettes!
Down added by bestinthebiz
Your office is right across from the water cooler and you have to listen to idiots talk all day about the gay kid who threw a temper tantrum on American Idol.
You've been honorarily appointed to head up the firm newsletter committee (yippee).
You've been working on the same case since you graduated law school.
You get your bonus check and immediately have to divide it by two.
You're working late on a brief (again) and the cleaning guy decides now would be a great time to vacuum your office...while you're in it.
Your firm just fired the ONLY hot paralegal you had left.
You give your secretary a job to do and she laughs and hacks in your face and says
The 75 year old single, woman partner you work for makes you eat dinner in her office every night because she thinks that, like her, you have nowhere else you'd rather be.
You get a markup back from the slob of a partner you work for and find a highlighted booger on page three.
Your partner gives you an urgent assignment due tomorrow, you stay all night to finish it, and it wasn't due for a month.

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