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Fetured Job Of the Day
Fetured Job Of the Day

Litigation Attorney in Orange, CA

Costa Mesa office seeks litigation attorney having 3-5 years of experi...
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Date Posted: Jul 26, 2014

Employer:   BCG Attorney Search

Salary: Not Specified

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JDJournalNews from JDJournal
Israeli Law Firms Merge Despite Unrest
Dated: 25-Jul-2014

One of the largest law firms in Israel acquired a seven-lawyer technology firm in Tel Aviv, according to The Am Law Daily. Shibolet & Co. has acquired Israeli, Ben-Zvi, Attorneys at Law. Two partners and five associates will be brought into the firm from the boutique. The boutique was founded by Omer Ben-Zvi, who has […]

Steve Wallace Identified as Victim in Lubbock Law Firm Murder
Dated: 24-Jul-2014

A slaying in the downtown law office of Shackelford, Hawkins & Searcy P.C. in Lubbock occurred on Wednesday, according to The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The victim has been identified as Steve Wallace. He was found on the floor of the law firm when police were called there at 2:26 in the morning for a disturbance. He […]

Matthew D. Rinaldi Joins Dallas Office of Dykema
Dated: 24-Jul-2014

One of the nation’s leading law firms, Dykema, has announced via a press release that Matthew D. Rinaldi has joined the firm in its Dallas office. Rinaldi will work in the firm’s Business and Commercial Litigation practice as senior counsel. He comes from Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP. He has also worked for Hughes & […]

LayoffwatchNews from Layoffwatch
Don’t Leap Into Your Next Job
Dated: 24-July-2014

Getting laid off is a psychological travesty. If you are married and have children, the strain can be unbearable, especially if your husband or wife has expectations that you are unable to meet. Intimacy is lost, respect is lost, and you will spend most of your time facing scowls and criticisms for unrelated peccadilloes. The […]

How to Encourage Yourself to Find the Right Job
Dated: 17-July-2014

  With the necessary sense of loss over being laid off, we find ourselves in sinking sands. We took our situation for granted, found comfort in its regularity, and now that we are down and out, we might lack the skills to confidently face the challenge before us, that of finding a new job. Perhaps […]

EmploymentspectatorNews from Employmentspectator
Tech Companies Adding New Marketing Jobs in San Francisco
Dated: 25-July-2014

Companies are always searching for marketing professionals who can create, manage as well as enhance branding. San Francisco currently ranks second among the best cities for marketing jobs in the U.S. The booming tech industry in nearby Silicon Valley is constantly adding new marketing jobs and stands out in creating more marketing jobs than ever […]

Finance Jobs in New York City, New York
Dated: 23-July-2014

New York City serves as the financial capital to the United States. It is home to New York Stock Exchange, the premiere stock market in America. Many major multinational companies are based out of this city. The financial sector in New York is made up of many top name companies including JPMorgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, […]

Job Search news from BCG Attorney Search

Winston & Strawn’s e-discovery group may lack glamor, but it is definitely justifying its existence as one of the fastest-growing department of the law firm. The success of the department has drawn so much industry attention that The Washington Post recently carried a feature with an interview of John Rosenthal the chair of the group. The law firm subsequently highlighted the fact in a post made on July 20.

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