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Fetured Job Of the Day
Fetured Job Of the Day

IP Technology Transactions Attorney in Dallas, TX

Dallas firm is looking for Technology attorneys to join their group th...
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Date Posted: Sep 01, 2014

Employer:   BCG Attorney Search

Salary: Not Specified

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JDJournalNews from JDJournal
Leading UK Private Equity Lawyer Leaves Ropes & Gray to Join Jones Day
Dated: 02-Sep-2014

Summary: Jonathan Bloom, leading private equity attorney leaves Ropes & Gray to join Jones Day in London. Global law firm Jones Day announced this week that Jonathan Bloom is joining the Firm as a Capital Markets Practice partner in its London Office. Bloom was previously a partner in the London finance group of Ropes & […]

Leading UK Private Equity Lawyer Leaving Travers Smith to Join Ropes & Gray
Dated: 02-Sep-2014

Summary: Phil Sanderson, the former head of Travers Smith’s London private equity team is joining Ropes & Gray as a partner in its London office. Ropes & Gray LLP announced last week that Phil Sanderson, the former head of Travers Smith’s London private equity team, is joining the firm as a partner in its London […]

Mayer Brown Bolsters its Banking Practice in Germany
Dated: 01-Sep-2014

Summary: Mayer Brown adds Dr. Patrick Scholl as a partner in its German Debt Capital Markets & Derivatives Practice in Frankfurt. Leading global law firm Mayer Brown announced today that Dr. Patrick Scholl is joining the Frankfurt office of Mayer Brown as a partner to further strengthen the growing Debt Capital Markets & Derivatives practice. […]

LayoffwatchNews from Layoffwatch
4 Tips for Using the Search Function on Granted
Dated: 28-August-2014

When you are browsing through the jobs on Granted, whether you’re looking by location, category, company name or job title, it can be a bit overwhelming and time consuming. To speed up the process, consider simply using the search function. The search function lets you type in any keyword or phrase pertaining to the type […]

Let Vision Guide Your Choice of Your Next Job
Dated: 14-August-2014

There is an old joke they make about people who have been laid off. The former employer “gave them the opportunity to seek other employment.” Despite the cynicism of this euphemism, there is some truth in it. Just as people who went blind as adults sometimes say that going blind is the best thing […]

EmploymentspectatorNews from Employmentspectator
Are You Happy with Your Career?
Dated: 28-August-2014

As we enjoy the first week of the New Year, many people begin to ask themselves if they are happy with their career. Not everyone can answer yes to this question, which is why Granted is here to help. At Granted, there are thousands of job openings posted from thousands of companies across the country. […]

Looking for Writing Jobs in San Diego? A Wide Variety is on Offer
Dated: 31-July-2014

If you are passionate about writing hit the road towards San Diego. Writing jobs in San Diego, CA, include those for a writing coach, a columnist, a copy clerk, a copywriter or even a translator and interpreter, the list is endless. Writers are required in virtually every single industry and since it is so widespread, […]

Job Search news from BCG Attorney Search

Summary: A federal court opinion made last week illustrates insights into how big law firms are disparaged by “lone wolf” partners, who may be essential to retain for their skills, but seen as thwarting long-term strategies of the firm.

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