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Fetured Job Of the Day

Real Estate

Immediate opening in thriving real estate group of multi-faceted Colum...
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Date Posted: Oct 21, 2014

Employer:   BCG Attorney Search

Salary: Not Specified

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JDJournalNews from JDJournal
New York Office of Blank Rome Adds John S. Kiely
Dated: 22-Oct-2014

Summary: The law firm of Blank Rome has announced that John S. Kiely has joined the firm as an associate and he will reside in the firm’s New York office. The law firm of Blank Rome LLP announced via a press release on Wednesday that it has added John S. Kiely to the firm in its […]

Kramer Levin Promotes Paul Schoeman and Eric Tirschwell to Co-Chair Positions
Dated: 22-Oct-2014

Summary: Kramer Levin has announced via a press release on Wednesday that it has promoted Eric Trischwell and Paul Schoeman to serve as co-chairs of the White Collar Defense and Investigations Group. The law firm of Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP announced this week that Paul H. Schoeman and Eric A. Tirschwell have been promoted […]

Energy Law Firm Burleson LLP Opens Office in New Orleans
Dated: 22-Oct-2014

Summary: Energy law firm Burleson LLP added to its litigation bench by opening a new office in New Orleans headed by veteran litigator Mark L. Clark, that will extend the firm’s reach across the Gulf Coast and broaden its capabilities in the offshore environment. Personal injury attorney Lisa Africk will be joining Clark in the […]

LayoffwatchNews from Layoffwatch
Washington State Preparing for Possible Military Downsizing with Grant from DOD
Dated: 10-October-2014

Summary: The state of Washington is preparing to deal with potential military downsizing by putting a grant from the Department of Defense into action. The Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, recently said that the state will receive $4.3 million in a grant from the Department of Defense, according to Seattlepi. The grant will support local efforts […]

Apple Partner, GT Advanced Technologies, Files for Bankruptcy
Dated: 09-October-2014

Summary: A partner of Apple, GT Advanced Technologies, announced on Monday that it had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, shocking the maker of the iPhone.  On Monday, GT Advanced Technologies announced that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to a report from CNET. The filing comes less than one year after it signed […]

EmploymentspectatorNews from Employmentspectator
Why Information Jobs in Tallahassee FL are Amongst the Fastest Growing Jobs in the Country?
Dated: 22-October-2014

Information technology jobs are worth a look if you have a liking for working with computers, are fond of exploring and resolving computer-related issues, and are familiar with computer hardware and software. It could also prove to be the work domain for people interested in the digital media and the internet and for those looking […]

GIS Jobs are Drawing Increasing Attention from Varied Businesses
Dated: 22-October-2014

GIS jobs, given that they are a modern phenomenon, are a little complex to explain. In the strictest sense,these jobs require one to have the ability to gather, accumulate, store, maneuver, and display things and events that occur on earth and help in identifying them through their locations. A GIS job is basically the collection […]

Job Search news from BCG Attorney Search

Summary: With changes in dynamics of client-service provider relationships and associated perceptions, law firms are stepping out of their traditional peripheries to make an impact. In a latest instance of such a step, on Tuesday, Reed Smith LLP announced the launch of a cross-practice Global Ebola Task Force to address client issues emerging from the spread of the disease in West Africa and around the world.

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