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List This! > Top 10 Reasons I Quit My Last Job

Top 10 Reasons I Quit My Last Job
Started By : lawgal
03-30-2007 06:18 PM

Because the attorney has slept with at least 2 of the paralegals there (one past, one present), is sleeping with a current client and is still married. Because he's slept with one of the current paralegals, she can do whatever she wants, literally. She is an awful paralegal. She is nasty, rude, offensive and lazy. She dresses like a street walker but I guess he likes that.
Because the attorney and at least one of the firm partners was so passive agressive, in EVERYTHING they did and said, no one could stay there and remain sane.
Because the attorney was a micro-manager
Down added by legalstaff
Because the attorney would constantly miss deadlines (after being reminded several times) and then be sanctioned by the court. The attorney would then whine about how unfairly he was being treated and how the stupid the judges and clerks were.
Because the attorney's accounts were always overdrawn, credit cards and vendor accounts frozen, and I of the goodness of my heart (and because of the clients) advanced my personal funds.
Because the attorney threatened to burn my yellow notepad because he wants everything on the computer. Like I am supposed to remember everything said in an hour and a half meeting.
Because the attorney cursed me out and then stated "Even though you have everything calendared with reminders, and you are verbally reminding me - that doesn't work for me."
I want you to know that items 1 - 9 are all mine and are all true!! Some jobs I quit, and some I stayed but wanted to quit. It was the bathroom incident that did me in for good. To preserve my sanity, I retired from the legal profession at the age of 44 and never looked back. (Now I have my own cosmetics company for my anti-aging formulations -- much, much better!) lawgal
Down added by lawgal
Because the litigation attorney I worked for came in one morning, threw his car keys on my desk and told me to get him a new Mercedes (as if I had time to get ready for trial AND go car shopping). Turns out he had locked his keys in the car the night before and he was mad at the car!!! Anywho, I took his car to the Mercedes dealership, left it there and brought back a new one, which he drove for a day or two before having me return it without buying it. You have to realize that your day is not complete until you've had a car salesman calling you umpteen times a day at work to find out what color interior you want! I didn't quit, but I wanted to. (This was the same attorney who had me have his wife taken out of the portrait.) Associates, please take note what the lives of partners' legal assistants are like and be very nice to them!!!
Because the litigation attorney I worked for came in one morning with a 16" x 20" family portrait of himself, his kids and one of his ex-wives, and told me he wanted me to have her taken out. YES, he wanted me to have the ex-wife removed from the family portrait because he liked the picture of himself. Okay, I didn't quit but I wanted to. I ended up taking the portrait to a photo studio, where they proceeded to take a picture of the picture and then painted her out, replacing her with a chair! True Story.
Because after working my ass off for a whole year, my Christmas bonus was a $70 gift certificate to the mall and a poinsettia.
Because the managing partner, who is married, showed up at my apartment one Saturday with a half gallon of scotch, put his hand on my knee, and said he wanted to "talk business."
Because the partner I worked under was unhappy with my brief and threw a Martindale Hubbell at me.
Because I worked for the unethical attorney and the bipolar attorney at the same time! Enuff said!!
Because the attorney I worked for was bipolar and freaked out if I put a paper clip over the papers without first putting a sticky note under the paper clip to keep the paper clip from leaving an impression in the papers. I forgot one time and he came running down the hall holding the papers, screaming I can't believe you did this to me! Get a grip, I'm outta here. True story.
Because the attorney I worked for had been out partying with his friends the night before and he came in the next morning, dumped all his bar receipts on my desk and told me to "find a client to charge these to." When I resisted, he said, You were hired to do whatever I need. Uh, I got news for ya Ken, that doesn't include anything that is unethical. I'm outta here. True story
Because after holding it as long as I could, I finally went to the bathroom and right after I went into the stall, the attorney was banging on the door yelling that he needed this tape done right now, so I said Okay, either give me a minute or pass me a laptop.

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