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A southern California mayor resigned October 19, 2010 after getting into an altercation inside the New Taste Dumpling House in San Gabriel. The altercation continued outside the restaurant with him stealing the woman's handbag and then dragging her as she held on to the side of his SVU at speeds reaching 45 mph. It's not clear how Albert Y.M. Huang knows the woman, or if the two were romantically involved. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that he is estranged from his wife.

This altercation that occurred on October 15 resulted in his arrest for suspicion of felony robbery and assault, although formal charges have yet to be filed.

Huang's arrest and subsequent resignation means he will no longer serve on the City Council either.

Witnesses say the two were seated at a table inside the restaurant around 1 a.m. What began as an exchange of words eventually became a food fight when the woman threw a bowl of steaming dumplings at him. Huang responded by throwing vinegar into her face. At that point, he picked up her purse and quickly left the restaurant. By the time he made it to his SUV, the woman had caught up to him and attempted to stop him by holding on to the rearview mirror. He then fled.

During the emotional resignation, held via a press conference from his attorney's office, Huang communicated in both English and Chinese and stated the media was giving ''unwanted attention to this private occurrence''. Of course, the private occurrence he speaks of is anything but. The altercation happened on the street and arrests are public record. He did mention his decision had a lot to do with pictures of his young daughter that had been emerging alongside the news story. A family friend whose husband was once mayor for the city spoke on behalf of Huang, ''Albert did a lot to accomplish what Chi left behind. This is a great loss to the community''.

Huang's attorney, Daniel Deng, insists his client has done nothing wrong and that they intend to provide proof that will clear him of charges.

It's unclear who will ultimately take the post left open by Huang's resignation, but for now San Gabriel's council members will ''rotate'' within the mayoral post.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has some new problems headed his way after the social networker found one of its popular game developers to be selling user information.

On Friday morning, Facebook deactivated the LOLapps, alleging that the developer was sharing user data, Facebook's contract specifically prohibits such activity. Developers may not share user information with ad networks or data brokers.
''We take strong measures to enforce this policy, including suspending and disabling applications that violate it,'' said Mike Vernal.

The CEO of LOLapps, Arjun Sethi, made statements in a blog post on Monday, saying, ''It has been a big weekend in the news for privacy and Facebook applications. As [Sunday's] Facebook developer blog post states, 'In most cases, developers did not intend to pass this information, but did so because of the technical details of how browsers work.' This statement applies to LOLapps.''

Several questions come up upon hearing such a statement. Is Lolapps guilty of sharing user data, even if they did so unintentionally? Should the user care if it was done intentionally or not? Is the user entitled to any retribution?

''When we were informed of the issue the relationship that put us into this category was immediately dissolved,'' Sethi went on to say.

It has been speculated that Facebook was tipped off about the privacy scandal by a Wall Street Journal article that investigated the sharing of Facebook user IDs. The investigation researched the alleged transmission of user data to independent ad networks, as well as Internet tracking services.

One of Facebook's most astounding successes, the popular farming simulator, Farmville, included, were found to be transmitting personal information regarding a player's friends. RapLeaf Inc., was caught linking Facebook ID info with their own database of users. Allegedly, RapLeaf sold information to 12 or more ad firms, using LOLapps' Facebook applications.

The finding brings to light the role of user privacy, an issue that has plagued Facebook for years.

A Facebook spokesperson had this to say about the issue, ''Our technical systems have always been complemented by a strong policy enforcement, and we will continue to rely on both to keep people in control of their information.''


Nearly ten years after Chandra Levy went missing from a D.C. area park in May 2001, her accused killer is finally getting his day in court.  Levy, a California intern who was preparing to return home after spending time as an intern with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, had been jogging in those final days spent on the east coast.  Before her remains were found a year later, a politician suffered a hard fall from grace and two families were nearly destroyed.

Representative Gary Condit finally admitted to having an affair with Levy months following her disappearance.  That admission cost him his sterling political career and nearly cost him to lose his family.  He was initially interviewed as a potential person of interest, however, he was eliminated.  It is expected that he will be called to testify in some capacity, though it’s not clear what his role might be.

Ingmar Guandique, now 29 and who was in this country illegally from El Salvador, has been charged with murder, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault and several other counts.  He is already in prison, where he’s been almost entirely since Levy went missing.  He’d been arrested and convicted on other unrelated charges before her body was even found.

For now, potential jurors are busy completing more than ten pages of questionnaires as both the defense and prosecution seek to assemble each of their own versions of a dream jury.  Jury consultants have been called in to help cull the 114 potential jurors.  Already, however, accusations are being made between the two sides regarding “crucial” information that has yet to be turned over by the defense.  That information is believed to be fingerprints from the crime scene as well as other potential suspects the defense had not been made aware of.

Jury selection will likely continue through the end of the week and its possible opening statements could begin as early as October, 24, 2010.  Already, however, this case is sparking more controversy on the illegal immigrant debate, as well as mistakes many say law enforcement made from the very beginning.  Levy’s parents have said recently they don’t believe this case will give them “any sense of peace when thinking about our daughter”, even if it results in a conviction.


The search for a ten year old cancer survivor is now focused on a tree service company her father is employed with.  Ten year old Zahra Baker had to wear hearing aids and a prosthetic leg due to a bone cancer diagnosis she had awhile back.  The girl and her father are originally from Australia and relocated to the states after Adam Baker, Zahra’s father met his current wife online.  It’s believed Zahra’s birth mother lives outside the country.

Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, 42, remains in a Hickory, NC jail for lying to authorities and leaving a fake ransom note for Zahra’s return.  She admitted to compiling the one million dollar ransom note in an effort to send law enforcement in another direction as they began to search for her. The ransom note was addressed to her husband’s employer and reads, in part, “we have your daughter and your pot smoking red head son is next unless you do what is asked 1,000,000 unmarked (sic)”.  Further complicating the search is that no one knows exactly how long Zahra has been missing.  Her father and stepmother say she was not in her bed a week ago, but others believe she could have been missing for months since they were new to the area.

Cadaver dogs have hit on scents in both of the family’s vehicles as well as a wood chipper and other specific areas were located on the property of Adam Baker’s employer.  Police have said he is not being cooperative and they believe the little girl is dead.

Family members have said they agree that Zahra is no longer alive.  Neighbors have said they called child protective services “numerous times” after witnessing abusive behavior.  One neighbor said she witnessed Elisa Baker “slapping her and cursing her” on more than one occasion.  A photo listed on her MySpace page refers to her stepdaughter as “the dark one”.  Another animated photo has a caption that reads, “We are going to hell and I’m driving the bus”.

Adam Baker has said it was possible his wife had something to do with Zahra’s disappearance.  Law enforcement remains committed to searching “every piece” of the current properties under suspect.


YouTube - Loverboy-working for the weekend

Last week a small family law firm in South Carolina was the subject of discussion throughout the blawgosphere because its web page
informs clients that the lawyers in the firm do not work on weekends.
In fact, the entire section devoted to client expectations makes me
believe that the lawyer who wrote it had one too many annoying clients
and calls to mind another great song from the 80's...

The truth is that in family law, outside of genuine emergencies, there
isn't much a lawyer can do for a client on the weekend. In today's WSJ law blog,
the firm's owner, Monet Pincus, made it clear that they will work on
the weekends when the situation warrants it, but that most weekend
emails and phone calls are not emergencies and usually nothing can be
done about them on the weekend anyway. I can relate to her frustration —
I'd rather spend my Sunday evenings watching the new season of Dexter
than pounding away at my keyboard, but occasionally a life and death
writing assignment will fall on my head and then of course that takes
priority. But most of the time, whether you are a family lawyer or a
blog writer, what a client perceives as an emergency can really wait
until Monday, saving everyone a lot of time, frustration and ultimately,

Family law attorneys are witnesses everyday to what happens when career
trumps family. Is it any wonder that they would take steps to ensure
their own domestic tranquility?


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